Optimising your
Quote-to-Order Workflow

Take more orders, more quickly by optimising your Quote-to-Order Workflow!

Quote-to-Order Webinar

Get from quote to order faster, taking more orders, in less time - every time

Deliver a world-class customer ordering experience!

Reduce errors & confusion, increasing the accuracy & validity of orders




Laying the Foundations

Building your Quotes

The Workflow

Setting up the typical journeys a sale takes, and plotting key milestones within these funnels are the building blocks for a successful
Quote-to-Order Workflow.

Whether it be product searching, being prompted with upsell opportunities, or adding product images to bring quotes to life - equipped with the right tools, your team can create accurate, professional-looking quotes.

Your Workflow should be intuitive for everyone - at each touchpoint.
Clever pre-order reminders and templates for your team, with simple ways for customers to authorise quotes digitally makes for an efficient, scalable process.

A Winning Workflow

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Your Step-by-step Plan!

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We explain what a Quote-to-Order Workflow is, why you need it, what we've released so far & what's to come!

Change the Customer Portal from the default ProspectSoft branding to your own to make it more customer-friendly.

Find out how to add
Quote-to-Order authorisation buttons to your emails - step-by-step!

Opportunity, Quote & Sales Order Defined

The Basics: Quotation Scenarios & Pipelines

Understand when to use an Opportunity, Quote or Sales Order and what their main differences are.

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Set up your
Opportunity Pipelines

Here's how to set up your Opportunity Pipelines so your customer-facing teams can manage each sale, step by step!

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Create the perfect pipelines for your Sales team using these tried & tested tips!

Pipeline Top Tips

Step #1: Building Accurate Quotes

Different Upsell Manager Links Explained

Get to know the different Upsell Manager Link options available within Prospect and examples for when to use them.

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Increase average order values by configuring Upsell Options on your Products including Upgrade, Must Sell & Recommended items!

Add Upsell Options

Learn how to add products to your Quote using the Upsell Manager Links.

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Using Upsell Manager Links when Quoting

Step #2: The Quote Document

Configuring Word Document Templates

Discover how to upload Word Documents to use as Document Templates within the CRM.

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Configure Email Templates

Create emails to be used as Document Templates within the CRM to make email sending lightning fast.

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Configuring Attachments for Email Templates

Set Word/PDF document templates to automatically attach when email templates are used to save time.

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Allow Editable Descriptions, Prices & Discounts Quotes

We'll show you how to enable editing of certain fields on the line of a Quote.


CRM Product Creation

Learn how to create products in your Inventory Management or Accounting System at the point of Order Confirmation.

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Find out how

Reduce rekeying and speed up the quote creation process by importing products to a Quote from a CSV or Excel file!

Importing Products to a Quote from CSV/Excel File

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Using pricing tiers to provide the right price to the right customers or prospects.

Selecting Price Tier
when Quoting

Configuring your Equipment Types

Log details of products that your customers have on lease or under a service contract following
these steps.

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Various ways to add products to your Quote quickly, easily & efficiently.

Different Ways of Adding Products to a Quote

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Once you've configured your Product Packs, start using them when quoting your customers & prospects!

Using Product Packs
when Quoting

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Sell products in volume and distribute them in packs, boxes or pallets? Learn how to configure Product Packs in Prospect now!

Configuring your
Product Packs

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Make quote creation simple by using Template Quotes to create new quotations within Prospect!

Template Quotes

Pinning your most-used Document Templates

Quickly generate frequently used Word documents or emails by pinning them to the drop-down menu.

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Uploading Files to
CRM Library

How to upload files e.g. product brochures, specification documents, Ts & Cs + more to CRM Library!

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Attaching CRM Library Files to Email Templates

Learn how to automatically attach CRM Library files to email templates - so you don't have to remember to add them!

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Bring your products to life by adding product images from your Inventory Management/ Accounting system to quotes!

Enabling Product Images for Word & Email Quote Tables

Step #3: Quote Acceptance

Step #4: Processing the Order

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If having a customer order reference is important for invoicing/billing purposes, make it mandatory following these steps!

Enabling Mandatory Customer Order Reference

Learn how to use Stripe to take card payments for orders confirmed via the CRM.

Taking Card Payments Using Stripe

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Set up Manual or Automatic Delivery Charges

Learn how to configure manual or automatic delivery charges within Prospect CRM.

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Step #5: Notification Emails

Configuring your Order Confirmation Email

Find out how to configure an Order Confirmation Email to be sent automatically when a Sales Order or Quote is confirmed.

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Configuring Internal Order Notification Emails

Learn how to enable internal order notification emails, so your team get notified about new orders instantly!

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Delivery Charge
Popup Window

Determine when the Delivery Charge pop-up window appears to your CRM users.

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Configuring your Equipment Types

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Log details of products that your customers have on lease or under a service contract follow these steps.

Order Confirmation Popup

Prompt users to confirm important quotation details before sending Quotes/confirming orders
with this popup!

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Quote-Order-Workflow Overview

Add Branding

Adding Authorisation Buttons

We explain what a Quote-to-Order Workflow is, why you need it, what we've released so far & what's to come!

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Change the Customer Portal from the default ProspectSoft branding to your own to make it more customer friendly.

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