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Struggle to recommend the right CRM for clients selling products B2B? If you advise product businesses, and want to recommend a great CRM that they can deploy alongside Xero and Unleashed, add Prospect CRM to your app advisory toolbelt!

Prospect CRM is perfect for growing Wholesale, Distributor & Manufacturing businesses selling products from stock B2B.

"The fact that we now have an accounts system (Xero), a stock system (Unleashed) & a CRM system (Prospect CRM) that all link & talk to each other has made a huge difference."

- Tom Riley,

Managing Director at WhiteWash Laboratories

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6 reasons why your clients will love Prospect CRM!


Grow their Customer Base

Prospect CRM will accelerate your client's sales success, helping them close new B2B customers faster and more efficiently. Just a small increase in new-business close-rate can have a profound impact on business growth over time.

New business is important, but retaining customers is vital for growing a profitable Wholesale, Distributor or Manufacturing business. P.A.I.G.E. (the Prospect AI Growth Engine) can even predict when a regular customer has missed an order and alert their Sales or Account Management team to contact the customer before they churn for good.

Maximise Customer Retention



Increase Order Value & Frequency

By connecting to their Accounting/Inventory System (e.g. Xero/Unleashed) to Prospect CRM, Sales and customer-facing teams get key insights to effortlessly increase average order value and frequency for each customer. Prospect CRM brings their wholesale products to life with upsell, cross-sell & must-sell capabilities.

Whether it’s just checking in with their customers and recording activities, or logging and dealing with important customer issues – a CRM is all about staying on top of the things that matter to your client's customers and building stronger, more profitable relationships.

Create Happier Customers



Work Better as a Team

Centralised customer data in their CRM, automatically updated with new accounts, new orders and new invoices from Xero or Unleashed means their whole team has a clearer picture of what’s happening with each customer and who’s doing what.

Don’t let your clients just report on isolated data from Xero or Unleashed, or from the CRM. Instead, they should bring all their data together in one, integrated reporting tool that combines up-to-date customer, sales & product data from their back-office system with your CRM data and activities.

Improve their Business Reporting



Good Culture Kombucha    Customer Success Story

WhiteWash Laboratories   Customer Success Story

Hear from just a few customers who love the tight integration Prospect CRM offers with Xero & Unleashed!

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Webinar with Unleashed    "The Perfect Trilogy of Apps"




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