The Best-Kept Secret For Growing Wholesale, Distributor & Manufacturing Businesses!

Sell products from stock to other businesses?

RFM Segmentation is the #1 strategy in the Wholesale & Distributor Growth Playbook - so get to know it!

RFM: The Best-Kept Secret For Growing Wholesale, Distribution & Manufacturing Businesses

Sell products from stock to other businesses?

RFM is the #1 strategy for your business' sales growth & success - so get to know it!


RFM Tools & Resources

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RFM Analysis

RFM Analysis is a technique used by many businesses, but for B2B Wholesalers and Distributors it's a game changer. Understand what RFM is, how it's calculated, the benefits & limitations in our blog on G2.


What does RFM mean exactly & how does the scoring work? Our helpful RFM Metrics & Scores infographic explains all!

RFM Metrics

RFM Webinar

Didn't get chance to watch our RFM Webinar? Watch it back below (& share with any colleagues who might be interested too!)


RFM Insights

Here’s a handy chart of all the RFM Segments, plus some actionable tips for each which you can implement straight away!

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Using RFM for Growth

Check out our blog on how you can use RFM to grow your Wholesale, Distributor or
Manufacturing business!


📈 B2B Product Sellers using RFM Analysis 📊

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I think the system is brilliant. It's effortless and the Dashboard is a great feature that doesn’t need any time to glance over and see where our customers are!

The RFM analysis is very useful - organising your customers by segments, so it's easy to find customers to prioritise attention & checking the loyal customers. A great tool when creating sales/marketing campaigns too.

The Churn Report in Prospect CRM has already enabled us to reactivate 2 customers who we didn’t even realise we'd lost!

Sophie Holland | Sales Specialist

ID Management Systems Limited

James Turton | Ops Director
Evolution Packaging Products Ltd

Maria Barboza | ISR & Brand Ambassador

Wiley's Finest UK Ltd

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