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The CRM market is crowded.
But if you sell physical products B2B, the choice is clear.

"Stock-Aware CRM?"

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Watch back this webinar, hosted by James Bielby (Federation for Wholesalers & Distributors CEO) and Andrew Ardron (ProspectSoft CEO), to learn more about choosing the right type of CRM for your Wholesale or Distribution business.

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Get to know Stock-Aware CRM & why B2B product sellers need it.

Stock-Aware CRM for
Sales Teams

The 7 Deadly Sins of
Stock-Aware CRM

Every organisation wants a high-performing Sales team, but how do you go about achieving it in a B2B product business?


Whether you've already implemented a CRM or are weighing up your options, here are 7 of deadly sins to avoid when it comes to Stock-Aware CRM!

What is "Stock-Aware "CRM"?

You sell products B2B - either distribution or wholesale, or you’re a manufacturer, distributing your own products, and you want to increase sales. But not just any CRM will do...here's why!

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10 Reasons Why Wholesalers Need Stock-Aware CRM

Traditional CRMs are good at helping you qualify and close new leads, they’re not designed to help you develop long-term relationships, generate repeat orders, or maximise LTV.
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Increase Sales by More Than 25% - Without a Single New Customer

Check out our free eBook to learn why B2B product sellers should shift your focus to existing customers, and focus on customer retention, repeat orders, and cross-selling.


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The fact that we now have an accounts system, a stock system & a CRM system that all link & talk to each other has made a huge difference.

The RFM analysis is very useful - organising your customers by segments, so it's easy to find customers to prioritise attention & checking the loyal customers. A great tool when creating sales/marketing campaigns too.

The Churn Report in Prospect CRM has already enabled us to reactivate 2 customers who we didn’t even realise we'd lost!

Tom Riley | Managing Director

WhiteWash Laboratories

James Turton | Ops Director
Evolution Packaging Products Ltd

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